Where are all the trees?

Where are all the trees?

Published on Feb 13, 2013 by Pat Backen


Recently I was driving down Bottineau Boulevard near Lakeview Terrace Park and noticed where there were once trees in the median, there are now only stumps. What a waste I thought, trees less than 2 years old and they never took, and now more money to replace, or worse they wouldn’t be replaced and the potential beautiful tree lined boulevard through Robbinsdale is lost.

A quick email to the city’s Engineer and Director of Public Works Richard McCoy answered some questions for me.

The trees were added as part of the Hennepin County project to rebuild Bottineau Blvd/County Road 81, and a lot of the trees were “substandard” and were not able to establish themselves. The year they were added was also an exceptionally dry one and the landscaping contractor did not provide sufficient water. Fortunately, the trees were still under warranty and the landscaping company will be replacing them in the spring at no cost to the city or the county. It is likely they will have some bags filled with water around the trunk to help keep them hydrated and make additional watering easier while they establish themselves

While this is a county project, the city gets occasional updates, and I will pass along more information as I get it!